6 Surprising Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms aren’t the only varieties with special properties; ordinary mushrooms found at your local grocery are filled with nutritional superpowers. Mushrooms are extremely popular and used in a number of dishes such as pastas, pizzas, omelettes and casseroles. The delicious earthy flavour and smooth texture made mushrooms a favourite delicacy among royals during the Medieval Era. Nowadays, people everywhere enjoy mushrooms for both its taste and health benefits. If you like mushrooms, we have good news for you. This article brings you 6 health benefits of eating mushrooms:

6. Mushrooms can help your immune system

Fungi contain a sugar called beta- glucan. They also contain a compound known as lentinan. These compounds have properties that make them boosters for the body’s immune system and will prevent minor illnesses. Beta- glucan is found in most varieties of mushrooms such as button mushrooms. However, lentinan is found in shiitake mushrooms which are rarer and more expensive when compared to others.