Best Exercises For The Brain

Each organ in the human body performs a different set of functions. While the heart pumps blood throughout the body, the lungs collect and purifies oxygen and produces carbon dioxide. Every organ in our body is interlaced with one another and together works in a system. And the head of all these organs and all the systems in the body is the brain- bet we all knew this. This is nothing but primary level science. However, least knows the impact of physical exercise on the brain. Recent studies conducted on different types of physical exercises suggest that workouts which integrate greater physical movements are more beneficial to the brain health in the long run rather.

Following are the few with their myriad benefits:

4. Yoga

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An Indian ethereal and ascetic discipline that includes twist, turn, stretch and breath control in the most complex way. Pranayam (correlates to breathing) which is one of the core exercises of this mystical form increases the efficiency of the respiratory system which in turn transmits more oxygen to the brain. Practicing yoga on a regular basis will not only boost the hippocampal cells of the brain but it is also an extraneous stress buster. Furthermore, according to University of Illinois yoga helps to manage biopolar disorder and recuperates focus in the brain.