10 Signs You’re Being Manipulated Emotionally and How to Stop It

9. They make other people feel embarrassed so that they will come to them in a vulnerable state.

When manipulation gets out of hand, it can become a form of social and emotional bullying. For example, it can sometimes look like what is sometimes called “intellectual harassment.” In these situations, the manipulator often acts like an expert on the subject. The so-called victim, who feels embarrassed and less critical, may decide to go to the manipulator to learn something that could help them later.

The best way to deal with this is to avoid a power struggle. This advice is good in most situations, but it’s imperative when dealing with people who try to trick you. Remember that the manipulator will feel bad about their actions at some point if the aggressor’s words and actions no longer hurt us. If someone keeps bringing up a mistake you or someone else made in the past, tell them it’s not essential and doesn’t matter anymore.