12 Rules We Don’t Follow, But Our Kids Do

We always want the best thing for our kids. As a result, we are always telling them to do certain things and to not do other things. We try to create a perfect life for them by imposing lots of rules and regulations. However, some of these rules are pretty much redundant. Not because they aren’t effective, but because we, as adults don’t follow them at all. So why should the kids follow them in the first place? Listed below are such 12 rules.

12. Eating everything


As a parent we have all done this. We made sure our kids have finished everything on their plate before they could leave. Sometimes we have forced them to eat something they don’t like. But how many times have we ever finished our own food? There have been numerous times when we decided the food wasn’t good enough or we became too picky with what we eat. Maybe we should cut our kids some slack.