3 Reasons For Feeling Dumb Of Today’s Technology

The world is moving at a rapid pace when it comes to technological advancements and scientists and futurists are coming up with remarkable accomplishments of what we are to witness in the upcoming years.

According to some futurists, by 2040 technology will have upgraded by such a large extent, that almost everything around us will be virtual reality and human race will be irreversibly changed and the developments we made till today are literally going to appear ‘pale’!

So,are you wondering what are those inventions and advancements which are literally going to make us appear backdated and so not up-to-date after about 20 years? Curious what these mind blowing innovations are going to be?


1 . Robots are gonna be everywhere, doing a lot

Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/557390891354522096/

Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/557390891354522096/

Not that you didn’t know this but, just to paint a clearer picture, the robot character such as Baymax from the Disney movie ‘Big Hero 6’ that we see today was inspired from the labs of Carnegie Mellon University where ideas of ‘soft safe robots’ are being generated who may be able to groom, fed or even dress our parents as they get old and feeble.

Professional caregivers ften leave patients after a while due to the difficulty of physically moving them from one place to another and in the future, these robots are going to be created as human caregiver substitutes. They are to be built lightweight so that they don’t end up hurting patients and also provided with abilities of touching softly.

Not only that but these future bots will also be monitoring and providing diagnostic assistance, measuring heart beat rates, body temperatures, calories burned and even nudge their user to take breaks, drink water or even get more sleep!