3 Reasons Why You Should Play More Games

With summer finally approaching, some people are planning on cookouts, BBQs and long camping or hiking trips. Others spend the summer abroad soaking up the sun and enjoying beaches and various tourist destinations. Most people though will spend the summer in their own homes playing video games and snacking on junk food. Most adults lose that sense of adventure and prefer spending time parked on their couch, hunched over controllers, lost in the world of games and make-believe. While society tends to see gaming as a childish waste of time, video game designer Jane McGonigal thinks otherwise. According to her, there is a clear difference between killing time playing games and playing a game that requires strategic thinking and quick reflexes. Video games aren’t all that bad, and in fact, we should play games more often.

Why are video games so thrilling to us? Good video games give players a sense of purpose and make use of thinking skills and strategic planning. Winning these games can boost your self-esteem and make you feel heroic. Multiplayer games, with groups of people, can help you learn how to work as a part of a team. For many people, it can also help meet new people on the internet as you can find people with shared interests and hobbies. Also, some people need video games to give them a break from reality as this gives them a chance to relax and unwind. Here are three great reasons why we should play more video games:

3. Games help us feel positive emotions like curiosity, optimism, creativity, and sometimes even love

playing video game

The adrenaline rush people get from playing video games also taps into emotions such as hopefulness, excitement and curiosity. When playing multiplayer games with friends, many players experience feelings of affection and companionship and love. These positive feelings can sometimes help people cope with problems they may have in real life. For instance, it can help them deal with issues they have in their personal and professional lives. For many people, video games provide an ideal respite if they have stressful careers or tumultuous personal lives.