5 Amazing Celebrity Stories

Majority of people watch celebrity news to find their faults since most news are filled with the horrible things that the famous people have done. Another majority actually consume most of their times looking naked pictures of such celebrities. However, there are many celebrity stories that are heartwarming and inspiring that the news media very seldom broadcast.

5. Wrestler John Cena makes his fans wishes to come true

Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/517562182150057020/
Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/517562182150057020/

Life of a wrestler is extremely busy; especially that wrestler is one of the number ones in the world. Performing shows two to five times every week and travelling around for such shows is certainly a very hectic schedule. To include to such busy schedule, a wrestler like John Cena also have to spend long hours at the gym, exercising and preparing for upcoming shows alongside other formalities that are needed. For an entertainer, there is no off season since even the off days are spending trying to recover from injuries and such.

Even with this schedule, John Cena grants more “Make-a-Wish” wishes than any other celebrity. Cena’s wish count is more than 460. To let you know how big of a number it is, only five other celebrities in the world have granted wishes which are over 200 counts. So the great man, John Cena, never hesitate to make his fan’s wishes come true even under immense busy schedules. He holds the record to grant the most wish counts among the celebrities.