5 Best Games For iPad Pro

The arrival of the iPad Pro is supposed to change everything as we know. It is bigger and better and can do so much more than its predecessors. All the added features and the extra larger screen is going to make you work so much harder in a much more efficient manner. However, do we really want to sit with that gorgeous piece of technology and do our office work? Oh no! We are going to use that to play some games and see how they perform on this new beauty. If you are wondering what games we should play then here is a list of the ones that are a must try.

5. Fallout Shelter


If you think the whole iPad series got better with each update then you can relate it to the great game called Fallout Shelter. This game keeps on improving with each update and the latest one brings a whole new set of challenges to the table. Thanks to the iPad Pro, your vault looks better than it ever did and it’s just wonderful for the eyes. Perfect your vault and keep the dwellers from getting drawn to the dangerous Wasteland. It’s a wonderful game which is enjoyable and addictive at the same time. It’s a must try on the iPad Pro.