The 5 Greatest Threats To Humanity

Let’s face it; our existence is much more fragile than we think. Although humanity has prevailed throughout a number of crises across history, we face a number of existential risks that threaten to wipe us out. Many of these risks can drive humanity to its extinction. Here are 5 of the greatest risks humanity is currently facing:

5. Nanotechnology


Nanotechnology is the control over things with atomic or molecular precision. This kind of scientific advancement sounds like good news for us- especially when it comes to medicine and technology. However, there are still ethical issues because as nanotechnology grows more advanced, it also increases the potential for abuses that are hard prove and even harder to defend against. Advancements in nanotechnology can change the way we fight wars- extremely precise and deadly weapons and omniscient, intrusive surveillance and wiretapping. All these aspects make the possibility of a global-scale nuclear war much more concrete and real.