5 Hacks to Have Superb Memory and Active Mind

With the advancement of technology, our phones seem to have a memory storage better than our brain. However, if we know how to train our mind properly, we can make the most out of our own memory. Follow the lifehacks we have compiled below to have a healthy mind and excellent memory:

5. Don’t multitask and be mindful

Multitasking has been called the key to being the most productive but it might actually be harming your ability to remember things. Research states that at least 8 seconds are required for you to remember a piece of information. So if you have been doing mathematical problems while also listening to music, chances are you will forget some of the key factors of the problem during your exam.

The opposite of multitasking is called ‘mindfulness’. This means that instead of multitasking, you give your complete attention to one task only at a time. A research conducted on students has recently proved that mindfulness helps keep a better memory.