5 New Inventions That Will Blow Your Pants Off

Today science and technological advancements have made possible what our great grandparents and even generations after that thought were just distant dreams. However, Mankind is just getting started it seems. Many believe that the introduction of extraterrestrial human habitation and teleportation are not far away. For now, be prepared to be more than just amazed when you read about these 5 fantabulous inventions.

5. CUBIC: Digital Co-Pilot


As the name suggests this greatly innovative and useful piece of technology by Cubic Robotics is more a friend than a machine. Its main function is to bridge the gap between you and your scattered technologies. Each Cubic device is incorporated with a patented multi-topic conversation support system and long-distance voice recognition. Also it can always be in touch with your mobile power badge.

Apart from these features Cubic is truly the best ‘non-living companion’ you can find, because it is always ready with natural reminders and recommendations and integrates with your apps – messages, Evernote, Facebook and other social media. Not just that: It also integrates with home automation systems like Nest, Hue and Wemo, with wearable techs like jawbone, Fitbit and Misbit and is always in touch with online websites, that make your life run smoothly, like taxi, food delivery and tickets services. So, whether are a ‘tech-freak’ or not, Cubic can be your best friend.