5 Products Marketed As Healthy (Are Secretly Awful For You)

In recent times, people have become more and more conscious about their health. They all want to ditch the unhealthy lifestyle of feeding themselves all the junk food. In return, they want to eat all healthy products and live a longer and fitter life. However, in their quest to become healthy, some people fall into the trap of clever marketing. That is to say that they buy products which claim to be good for you but in reality, they are just as bad as the junk food that you just ditched. Listed below are some of that dangerous food.

5. Reduced fat peanut butter


Who doesn’t love peanut butter right? It is one of the most delicious spreads that one can find. However, some people may think it is unhealthy and they want to try out the more “healthier” version of it. The reduced fat peanut butter is actually very bad for your body. While they do remove the fat from the product, this is the monosaturated fat which is actually good for the body. In its place, they insert a lot of corn starch and sugar to maintain the creamy texture of the product. In short, you are taking out the good stuff and replacing it with lots of calories which are simply bad for you.