5 Secrets Women Keep from Men

What makes a woman beautiful is her loyalty and honesty with her man and her friendship with other women. They are God’s special creation because they put their heart and soul into anything they love and knows to fight for it. They are the most transparent ones and so, they have nothing to hide, which is why women are known not to be able to keep any secrets. But, do you know even the purest of all female will harbour some secrets from men.

So, let’s check out the top 5 secrets that all women keep from men.

5. Her BFF knows everything that no man will ever learn

Yes, for every girl out there she’ll have one female to whom she can confide and conspire about everything in the world, including her man. She’ll let her man think that he knows everything about her but it’s wrong. It’s her best friend who knows everything unlike anybody ever will. She’s her one and only confidante.