5 Surprising Dangers of Holding Your Pee [According to Science]

We’ve all been there, desperately searching for a restroom when there’s none in sight, forcing us to hold in our urine for what feels like an eternity. While occasional instances of holding it in may not cause much harm, repeatedly restraining your pee might not be as safe as it appears. Beyond the immediate discomfort it brings, there are compelling reasons to bid farewell to this habit for good.

5. It may weaken your bladder muscles.

Holding your pee might weaken your bladder muscle


At first, holding your pee might seem like there’s no harm, but doing it regularly can bring about some unwelcome effects. Keeping your urine inside for long periods puts extra pressure on your bladder and the muscles in your pelvic area. This constant strain can lead to problems like urinary incontinence, where you have trouble controlling your urine and difficulties emptying your bladder completely. It’s important to be mindful of the potential consequences and make it a habit to listen to your body’s signals and take timely bathroom breaks. Doing so can help maintain a healthy and well-functioning urinary system.