5 Things Your Girlfriend Will Want But Won’t Ask For

Keeping your girlfriend happy isn’t that big of a deal as some of the guys make it sound like it to be. You just need to give her time, pay attention to what she says, love her, care for her and occasionally make the odd compromises. It’s very simple if you think about it. However, there are sometimes when dealing with the woman in your life can be difficult. This is because there are certain things that they will want you to do but will never directly ask for it. Here are 5 of such things.

5. Touch her


Touching your girlfriend does not always have to be physical. It can be something as small as holding hands while walking, playing with her hair while watching a movie, playing with her fingers as you two are talking. These are the little intimate touching that your girl will want from you but won’t ask because it’s actually your job to make the effort. Do this stuff and watch how much more she falls in love with you.