5 Unhealthy Foods That Are Engineered To Be Addictive

What is the one thing that is the same for all kinds of junk food? It’s that they are insanely addictive and will always leave you wanting more. We find it harder to resist the smell of fries and burger whenever we pass by a McDonald’s or Burger King. These foods are so tempting because the colours are attractive, they smell perfect and have a texture that is both creamy and crispy. Here are 5 junk food items that are manufactured to be insanely addictive.

5. Cured Meats


Cured meats will always be a favourite among the American public. Most people cannot imagine breakfast without bacon and beef jerky is a favourite snack for millions. However, the intense and well flavoured of processed meat comes from a dreaded compound- nitrates. Sodium nitrite, which is found in ham, pastrami, salami hot dogs and sausages, inhibits bacterial growth, lengthens shelf life and imparts the pleasing taste and colour that add to these foods’ appeal. However, nitrates combine with other substances in the meat to form compounds which are carcinogenic. Healthcare officials advise to limit the intake of these meats and replace it with fresh cuts of meat instead.