The 6 Coolest Places You’re Not Allowed to Visit

For some travellers, the more adventure a journey offers, the better. However, no matter how daring or skilled a traveller you are, there are some places on earth that are simply too dangerous to be accessible to ANYONE. Here’s a list of the most awesome places that you or anyone you know will ever get to see:

6. Heard Island Volcano, Australia

Heard Island Volcano Australia

This remote island has the best of both worlds: the deadly combination of icy glaciers and active volcanoes. One of the volcanoes on the island – the Mawson Peak started spewing lava from its 2,745-foot high crater in the year 2000. The volcano has been active ever since. Hence, this island, home to animals such as marine birds, seals and penguins, is out of bounds for curious travellers for the foreseeable future.