6 Foods That Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

Everyone dreams of having a bright, million-dollar smile. White teeth make you look younger and more attractive. Not surprisingly, they also make you look healthier, more presentable and confident. Stained, yellow teeth can add years to your face, making you look tired, worn out and even unhygienic. Everyone craves white teeth, but not everyone can afford the bleaching treatments it takes to get them. Also, bleaching your teeth can weaken them greatly. There are a number of ways that you can naturally whiten your teeth. They use everyday items that are cheap, safe, free from side effects and easily available. Here are 6 natural ways to get a whiter smile,

6. Shiitake mushrooms


These mushrooms are commonly used in Chinese or Japanese cooking. They contain a substance called ‘lentinan’ that is a natural sugar with antibacterial properties. Research has shown that extracts from these mushrooms helped eliminate bacteria, which can reduce stains caused by plaque in the mouth. The best part? These mushrooms only fight harmful bacteria and not beneficial oral bacteria, making them even better than everyday mouthwashes.