7 Crazy New Smartphone Gadgets That’ll Blow You Away

It is hard to imagine our lives without our smartphones. You can do just about anything on and from your phone these days. With the popularity of smartphones, various cool gadgets also came to the market in order to make your smartphone experience even better. Check the list of the following 7 awesome gadgets that will definitely surprise you:

7. Flexclip Universal Mount


This is essentially a gadget to stick stuff up to your phone. It’s a good alternative to Apple’s MagSafe. It is designed to conveniently and effortlessly connect your things. With strong adhesive on each side, you can securely attach things to any clean surface. The popular uses include wallet, power bank, wireless earbuds, grips – stick them all up to the back of your phone securely. It is very useful and selling for $11.96 apiece on their website.