7 Germiest Spots at the Grocery Store to Avoid

As you can imagine, grocery stores are full of germs with a lot of people going in and out. Despite the efforts of many grocery store employees, it is sometimes hard to keep the places completely germ free. The grocery stores still have areas that are known to be the germiest spots.

ReUseThisBag conducted a study and they found that quite a few spots in the stores have a lot of germs residing. Here the few spots you should try and avoid next time you go shopping at a grocery store:

7. Bulk Bins


The stores are closing up bulk bins due to COVID-19, which is good news.  Bulk bins are probably the spots that house the most germs. A lot of people touch these plastic bins, their leads and utensils with their bare hands. By doing this, they either spread the germs or catch it. On top of that, we don’t know if anyone has tried to sneak their dirty hands in and grab some snacks. It is true that bulk bins do reduce overall plastic consumption. However, properly packaged products are your best bet to avoid germs.