7 Habits of Ridiculously Likeable People

The greatest thing a human being can achieve in their lifetime is the love and admiration of other people. The people who are loved and admired, more often than not, are likeable people. Now, you might think people who are likeable are born with that quality. And you’d be right in some cases. But the good news is you can control being likeable. If you can use your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) a bit better, you can become likeable too. Let’s have a look at the common key behaviours that likeable people display:

7. They are not attention-seeking


People inherently don’t like people who are desperate for attention. Lying, bragging, showing arrogance and fishing for compliments are the behaviours attention seekers display. Now, you don’t need to work too hard to stop yourself from seeking attention if you think you are an attention seeker. You just need to be humble and appreciative in a genuine way. Being friendly and considerate can get you a long way towards being likeable.