7 Health Benefits of Meditation

Feeling depressed? Lethargic? If you’ve tried everything but don’t feel better, it may be time to give meditation a try. Meditation was originally practised in Asia as a spiritual exercise. Over time, meditation has been used by many people to relax, reduce stress, control anxiety and even lose weight. Meditation is very helpful as you can literally feel the tension vanish from your muscles gradually. It helps clear the mind and think rationally. Many people cannot function without meditating every morning before leaving their home for the day. However, meditation also has a number of health benefits, which has been proved by scientific research. Here are 7 of the biggest health benefits you can get from meditating regularly:

7. Lowers Blood Pressure


According to research from Harvard Medical School, meditation can help lower the blood pressure by making the body less responsive to the hormones produced by stress. This process works similar to blood pressure lowering medication. Also, patients trained to relax and calm down through meditation had much lower blood pressure than those who relied on just medication.