7 Signs of Hidden Depression

“Smiling depression” is a term that is sometimes used for people with concealed depression. Depression is usually associated with sadness and despair. But there are people who can seem perfectly happy on the outside while being severely depressed on the inside. Depression, as serious as it is, can go unnoticed for years. Here are 7 signs that someone might be suffering from concealed or hidden depression:

7. Changes in sleeping habits

Changes in sleeping habits

Almost all people suffering from depression experience issues with sleeping. Signs of depression can include sleeping longer than usual, sleeping at unusual hours, sleeping later than usual regularly and staying awake when you are not usually awake.

6. Losing or gaining significant amounts of weight


If you notice a sudden change in someone’s eating habit, it can be a sign they’re depressed. Changes in eating habit may include showing no interest in eating. It can also include eating much more than usual in response to emotional situations.