7 Unknown Celebrity Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Celebrity figures, let it be the movie actors or technological personalities, are the people we have always been really eager to know what are they like, how are they or have been. But there some celebrities whose life stories at the end of the day are so unbelievably awesome that could literally drive you nuts!
Ready for some of such facts?  Then read on the following and blow your mind-

7 . The Tetris Champion

Image Credit: http://gizmodo.com/steve-wozniak-was-once-the-best-tetris-player-in-americ-1587220552?rev=1402079645&utm_campaign=socialflow_gizmodo_twitter&utm_source=gizmodo_twitter&utm_medium=socialflow
Image Credit: http://gizmodo.com/steve-wozniak-was-once-the-best-tetris-player-in-americ-1587220552

Our very known, one of the co-founder of Apple computers and a famous personality who also starred in Dancing With The Stars was so good at Tetris that he got banned from Nintendo Power. That’s none other than Steve Woznaik. On his 30th anniversary this amazing person dropped by to amuse the guests by his tales of being America’s No.1 Tetris champion. Later Nintendo Power stopped accepting his score submissions to their magazine and hence Woz had to go crafty.