8 Toxic Beliefs Most People Think Are Normal

Sometimes the things we believe in don’t really exist, but they kill us from inside. These beliefs were not invented but were stuck with us and making our lives miserable. If you think you’re alone on this, you’re not. While we tend to feel that no one would understand how much we’re suffering, there are actually a lot people who suffer from the same issues.

This article inclines towards the beliefs we commonly have, the type of beliefs which eat us up from inside but we never realize it, and make us act differently.

By streaming through, you’ll find out the common beliefs most people have, and how we can overcome such thoughts and stop them from affecting us. Here are the 8 toxic beliefs most people think are normal:

8. An indication of the future

Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/315744623848247468/
Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/315744623848247468/

This is one very common belief most of us suffer from. If we’re having a bad morning then we expect the rest of the day to be bad as well; same goes if our Mondays go bad, we expect the rest of the week won’t favor us either. However it does not work the same way when we’re having a good day, we enjoy it then let it go. Not being able to move past an incident, forces us to believe deeply that the bad time will never end and we hold onto it and let us affect it. Here’s how you can try to overcome it:

  • Put more emphasis on the good than the bad
  • Don’t drag an incident once it’s over
  • Don’t allow your emotions overpower intelligence
  • Believe that just like good things, all bad things come to an end as well

Try seeing things differently and soon you’ll be able to move past a bad event within a very short period of its occurrence.