You Should Be Able To Say These 3 Things Easily If You’re Actually Over Your Ex

1. “I’m sorry.”


We all have the tendency to justify our own mistakes when it comes to our failed relationships. We often hold our partners to impossible standards while we let ourselves off the hook for our faults. The opposite of this is also true. Sometimes we let our partners take advantage of our silence. Other times we put up with things to avoid confrontation until the situation spirals out of control.

So instead of playing the victim, own up to your own action. Open your mind up to your own shortcomings. Think about what you could have done differently instead of putting the blame on someone else. Surprisingly, this makes you feel less wronged and helps you accept what has happened. This self-evaluation helps you own up to your mistakes and forgive your ex. Most importantly, it helps you forgive yourself.

Breakups are almost never the result of the mistakes of one party. Once you understand this to be true, moving on becomes easier. Hold yourself accountable for your actions just as you hold your ex for theirs. This will help you find a better partner next time, as well as become a better person.