Top 5 Reasons Why You Are Not Over Your Almost-Relationship

Relationships aren’t always that complicated. You like somebody, the date that person and if things don’t work out then you go your separate ways. At least you gave it a try before realizing it wasn’t going to happen. “Almost relationships” are, however, complicated things. These are situations where you hoped that you would end up dating somebody but in the end, nothing materializes. It was all in your head and you did not even get the chance to even try to be in the relationship. Often these situations leave us shattered and make us wonder “what if’. No matter how hard you try you cannot get over it. Here are the top five reasons as to why you haven’t moved on from your “almost relationships”.

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5. There is no closure

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This is the hardest part of an almost relationship. There is no closure. There is no reason as to why it didn’t happen. One moment you are there thinking about the possibilities of dating this person. The next moment you find out he or she did not think of you, in the same way. But why not? Why couldn’t you have been a couple? They don’t have a legit answer for that. And thus you are leaving yourself wondering as to why it did not happen. You come up with various answers for that, but none seems to give you that closure. Nothing seems to give peace to your mind. In truth, just like the whole relationship was in your head, the closure is also in your head. You try to make meanings of the littlest things.

It does hurt when you see that person getting into a relationship with somebody else. Makes you wonder why that couldn’t have been you. You start comparing. But to be honest you there will be no closure. Not from their side anyway. You just have to accept the fact that it was never going to happen and move on. The faster you do the better you will feel.