Amazing But Underrated Netflix Movies That You Must Watch

Here is a list of some exciting, fun, and heart-capturing movies that can be considered underrated based on their popularity levels compared to other blockbuster hits.

6. All this Mayhem (2014)

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A captivating documentary about two skateboarding stars that go out of line with a party.

The documentary movie highlights the story of two world-class skateboarders who become great friends and takes their celebrity outlook to a whole new different level. The Australian stars get out of line and lose their stardom as they get involved in the horrific scene of drug-laden wasteland. The Pappas brother that appears to be the center of the story provides a stylish outlook to the whole documentary that may make you want to watch it again and again. It documents a rare picture of the skateboard culture and might fascinate those who are into skateboarding and other related sports.