Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now

As the horror genre continues to go through a rich period of creativity, you might be asking yourself what movies you should see and what movies are not worth your time. Let’s be honest, horror lovers: Not every horror movie is worthwhile. But we pick through the trash to find the hidden gems. What if you don’t have time for that? What if you just want the best horror movies on Netflix? Let us guide you in choosing the best horror movies on Netflix to stream.

10. 1922 (2017)

The movie 1922 is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Stephen King. It tells the story of a farmer living in Nebraska in 1922 who conspires with his wife to kill their children for life insurance money. Erin, an American woman, and her wine-maker husband move to France in the 1920s to make wine. Their vineyard finally begins to prosper until the arrival of World War II, when their land is requisitioned for planting grapes. Erin must now fight for her family legacy against the French government and Nazi collaborators.