The 5 Best Mental Health Apps of 2021

If we ever needed mental health support, this is the time. We are living in a tricky time with a lot going on all over the world. The pandemic, the politics, the economic distress – all these things are taking a heavy toll on our mental health. We should always, as a first priority, seek the help of mental health professionals. But some of us have limited access to them. Good thing is that we have the technology. Let’s take a look at the best mental health apps this year.

5. Youper


Youper is one of the best self-guided therapy apps. This is an AI-powered alternative to the traditional approach which might prove to be too expensive for some. The way it works is that you set a goal and this app helps you toward achieving that goal. This app tries to sense how you are feeling each day and offers words of encouragement, audio and visual material to keep you on track. Some people do use it besides therapy as well. This is a free iOS app with in-app purchases.