7 Best War Movies on Netflix

War movies are attractive because they have suspenseful moments, emotional scenes and exciting twists and turns in the plot. All these factors make a war movie compelling to watch compared to other genres of movies. The best thing about war movies on Netflix is that they have something for everyone. Whether you want action-packed scenes or deep insights into the human condition, these films will not disappoint. Here are some of the best war movies on Netflix for your viewing pleasure:

7. Beasts of No Nation

Most people know of the movie Beasts of No Nation due to the controversy surrounding it. Netflix premiered this movie on their platform despite the fact that it should have been shown in theatres. The film is about a young boy’s journey from Ghana to find his father in the neighbouring country, Burkina Faso.

The movie was released on Netflix on October 16, 2015. It had a budget of $6 million with no acting experience for any actor. It was directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, an American film director who also directed the first season of HBO’s “True Detective.”