Your Biggest Hindrance To Success: YOU

Success is how you measure it. There is no fixed standard that determines exact proportions of such and such requirements to brew up a perfect recipe for success. You will say you have achieved success if that was your goal, and if that goal satisfies you.

People who have not reached their fullest potential, a place where they should have reached by their present time, when asked, often are found to present the same categories of excuses. They always have a reason to explain why they could not take a step further and do something out of the box. So which excuses are these that keep you afar from reaching the peak of your specialization?

7. Where is the time?

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A friend of a friend wanted to open up a parlour business but after a few months gave up the whole idea: “I have 2 small kids, and my husband comes back home at late hours, my parents are unhealthy people I have to take care of them too. Who will do the initial supervision and management of the start-up?” So she decided to try again maybe next year.

The point is if you are actually interested in starting or completing something, you will find time for it. You need to plan here, a proper planning with time limitations for each activity. In this case consult agencies that can advise you on start-ups, money and time management and make your dream come true.