Get Smarter With These 7 Brilliant Memory Skills

Your ability of learning is most likely the most important skill you can ever have. Most of us are learning all the time, consciously or unconsciously. it is really one of the most valuable skills that you can possess. Wondering why have I said that?

Well, it’s not just me, but you can take it from the authors of “Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning.” According to these authors, we need to keep learning all throughout our lives and that to get ahead at work, you need to have a mastery of job skills as well as difficult colleagues. If you are good at learning, you will be having a great advantage in your life.

To really learn something means to remember it according to some psychology professors of the Washington University at St. Louis. Unfortunately, most of the techniques that we use at school to pick up such as cramming and highlighting are not helpful at all!

Your learning is only more effective and fruitful when you learn it through some difficulty. Although learning the easy way is less time-consuming and preferable, according to some experts, it is more like “writing on sand” that is, you tend to forget it very soon. But since learning without being able to recall is considered to be no learning at all, here are some takeaways for you to make learning more effective.

7. Retrieve it and bring it back to memory

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Whenever you’re attempting to recall any idea, method, or technique from memory, you’re retrieving. Flash cards are brilliant in this case as they force you to recall an idea from your memory, unlike highlighting which absolutely does not burn your brain. Flash cards are as effective as the way they are due to the fact that they strengthen the neural pathways associated with a given concept.