Foods That Fight…To Bring Peace

Disregard the fries and indulge in these stress-free foods

When the deadlines are looming in and your social life is pretty hectic, no one can come between you and your comfort food. Ain’t no one got time for healthy eating! Nevertheless, its times like these that can induce stress and your meal choices can relieve some of that unwanted tension. Following are 12 foods that help lower blood sugar and some even go the extra mile and stabilize your emotional response.

12. Green-ish Colored veggies

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Sure a cheeseburger looks appealing but you’re much better off going green at lunch. Recent developments in the world of nutrition show that viridescent vegetables like collards are rich in folic acid. This B vitamin catalyzes the production of dopamine which in turn calms you down. Another published study of almost 3000 adults (both mature and middle-aged) concluded that the persons with high folic acid intake had a lower risk of depression symptoms than those with relatively low intakes of folate. And, a 2013 academic paper of the University of Otago found that undergrads tended to feel calmer, happier, and more energetic on days they ate more fruits and veggies. It’s difficult to place the happy thoughts and wholesome eating in a timeline, but it’s a safe guess that eating right has positive effects on your mood for that day.