Refresh Your Dry Lips: 8 Easy Remedies for Chapped, Dry Lips

Chapped lips aren’t just a winter woe. Extremely dry weather, sun exposure, and other factors can cause annoying lip cracking and peeling year-round. While prevention is best, once dry lips appear, quick home remedies can provide relief. This article shares 8 easy fixes using ingredients you likely have on hand. Give your lips some TLC with these simple home treatments to banish dryness and irritation. Your lips will thank you!

8. Use aloe vera and honey.

Aloe vera gel, often used to treat burns, hydrates and heals chapped lips. Use store-bought aloe or extract gel from an aloe plant at home. Simply cut open a leaf and scoop out the soothing gel inside. Apply a thin layer, as aloe can gently exfoliate.

Raw, organic honey also moisturizes cracked lips. Studies show honey promotes wound healing. It hydrates dry skin while lightly exfoliating. Avoid honey with added sugars. The natural humectant properties of raw honey will nourish lips back to smooth softness.