The Everyday Eating Habits of the Members of the Trump Family

America (and the rest of world) is wildly interested in the antics of the 45th president, and his eating habits have been the subject of much speculation. The media has reported on his love for McDonald’s, ice-cream and Diet Cokes. But what about the rest of the Trump clan? Believe it or not, President Trump’s family has very different eating habits from their own. Take a peek into the daily menu of this elite first family:

7. Melania

The First Lady and former model Melania Trump makes sure to eat healthy in order to maintain her slender figure. Her diet is quite simple and she seems to avoid trendy diets or restricting herself. Melania is known to eat a full and healthy breakfast, as well as several pieces of fruit. Moderation is the keyword for Melania’s diet. She enjoys a breakfast of full-fibre oatmeal or a smoothie packed with nutrients and vitamins. However, she also allows herself to indulge in some chocolate or a hearty Italian dish from time to time.