2 Years Of Faceless Dana Finally Removes Her Mask..What Happens After Will Leave You Speechless

This might sound crazy that someone out there struggled with her face wearing a mask for 2 years without removing it for even once where else, on the other hand, there are some people who start yelling to their faces as soon as they find a bit of spot or even a pimple that won’t even stay forever. Dana knows the best that how it feels to be faceless; she almost roamed around being like nobody for her surroundings and not only for one or two days but a whole couple of year. Until anyone gets themselves in her shoes, there is no way they can understand.

9. The Love Rival


On the year 2012, February 16, Dana Vulin who lived in Perth, Western Australia was taking a nap on her sofa until a voice woken her up making her astonished saying “Hello Dana.” Natalie Dimistrovska was the person who peeked into Dana’s apartment in order to attack her as she thought Dana had an affair with her husband. Where else Dana just met him 6weeks earlier at a New Year Eve party.