3 Steps to Falling Asleep Faster Than Ever

2. Say a temporary goodbye to ALL electronics

Yes, you read that right. ALL electronics must be turned off an hour before your predetermined bedtime. Scrolling through your Instagram or Twitter feed will keep you awake for hours even after you put down your smartphone. Smartphones, laptops and all electronics with a bright screen emit a strong blue light. This light keeps your body alert and even if you are lying down, your body does not get ready for sleep. We are not asking you to maintain this rule every single night, but keeping it up most of the time will benefit your sleep cycle greatly. Blue light filters called F.lux and Twilight can help reduce the light from your smartphone screen. IPhones have an inbuilt ‘night shift’ mode that reduces the brightness of its screen. However, these are just temporary alternatives. Our advice is to put down your electronics like responsible adults to rest your eyes an hour before going to sleep. You can lower the lights in your room to create a ‘fake sunset’ feel, which will help you unwind and prepare for sleep.