10 Food That Can Get You Flat Abs

No matter how hard you work out, you won’t see results if you carry on eating all the unhealthy things. This is even truer when it comes to abs. You can carry on giving over 100 crunches a day or plank for hours, you just won’t get that flat abs that you so dream of unless and until you fix your food intake. As the old saying goes, abs are indeed made in the kitchen. With that being said, listed below are 10 such food items which will help you get flatter abs.

10. Apples

applesIf you are the kind of person who is always looking for snack items that are crunchy like chips and crackers, then replace them with apples. Apples have that crunchy texture to itself and is a healthy alternative. Apples are also a very good source for fiber and it helps you to feel full after eating it.