5 Sneaky Habits That Can Dry Out Your Skin

It seems like if you could find the right moisturizer it would be the answer to all of your skin problems. But in reality, your skin may still feel dry and scaly no matter how much you spend on your creams. If you really want to make your skin better, it’s also important to break the habits that are dehydrating it. We were curious and wanted to see what habits are behind the scenes preventing your skin from looking its best.

5. Taking long showers

Long hot showers are often a great way to relax after a long day, but they can actually stress out your skin. The hot water removes the oil and moisture that your skin needs to stay fresh and young, especially if you have a long shower. We’d recommend taking short, lukewarm showers with mild soaps. These will make it easier for your skin to protect itself and don’t harm it.