What Happens If you Drink Coke (Soda) Instead of Water?

Did you know that half the American population consumes more coke than water on a daily basis? It’s no shocker that two in every three adult American men are obese. Coke has now become a primary staple in millennial culture. And with more diversified flavours and types of coke now there’s on the market, the popularity of coke seems to be rising with every passing day.

Have you ever thought what will happen if you eliminate drinking water completely for coke? We are letting you know top 5 changes that you’ll experience from doing so:

5. Hyperactivity

One of the major ingredients in coke is sugar, and sugar increases the glucose level in your blood. Caffeine is also used as one of the key flavourings. And we all know caffeine keeps our body active and rejuvenated.  Together these two agents do more harm than good. Normally our blood stores excess glucose in forms of body fat but when caffeine is involved it tries to keep our body active and in the process, our body breaks down the excess glucose and release energy. All these excess energies keep our body hyperactive and induce less sleep.