Say Goodbye to Headaches: 5 Surprising Triggers and Simple Solutions to Ease the Pain

Headaches can happen when you have a cold or the flu, have trouble seeing, or are a woman on your period. This doesn’t surprise us at all. We may sometimes expect them to happen. But sometimes, we get headaches out of the blue and don’t know why. We found out that other, less well-known things can cause this pain. Read on to learn how you can ease your headache or even stop it from happening.

5. Bad posture

When you don’t stand up straight, your upper back, shoulders, and neck get tight, leading to tension headaches. Most of the time, the pain is at the base of the head, but it can sometimes spread to the face, especially the forehead.

Ways to avoid or alleviate pain:

Try not to sit or stand in the same place for too long, and do your best always to sit straight. Also, if you talk on the phone a lot, you might want to wear a special headset instead of holding the phone between your head and shoulder, which could put too much strain on your muscles and cause a headache.