4 Things That Happen to Your Body If You Start to Eat Almonds Every Day

You could save your life by eating almonds. In a study, the American Heart Association found that people who don’t eat enough nuts are more likely to get heart disease. Almonds are a favorite nut, and not just because they taste good. They are also good for you.

Today at CuriousMob.com, we’d like to talk about four scientifically proven changes to your body when you eat almonds every day.

4. It reduces acne.

A study found that people with severe acne had about 9 percent less vitamin E in their blood. Eating almonds to help your skin is a Middle Eastern remedy used for a long time and is now backed by science. Almonds are full of vitamin E and antioxidants that could help clear up acne and make your skin look younger if you can handle their high omega-6 fat content.