7 Surprising Health Benefits of Cheese

Who doesn’t like cheese? Although delicious, cheese is often lumped with other dietary offenders due to its high fat content. However, cheese can be quite healthy when eaten in moderation. You should also bear in mind that different kinds of cheeses have different levels of salt, fat, and protein. Here are 7 health benefits of eating cheese brought to you from nutritionists and dieticians. Here are your excuses next time you want to add an extra portion of cheese to your lunch!

7. Cheese is needed for healthy bones

Since it is made from milk, cheese has a high calcium content which is needed for healthy teeth and bones. Cheese also contains some potassium and phosphorus, making it important to maintain strong and healthy teeth. These minerals prevent tooth decay, cavities or erosion. Cheddar and parmesan have the highest levels of calcium, making them perfect for your teeth and bones. Just 215 grams of cheddar will give you the daily requirement of calcium that you need.