4 Health Conditions You Can Get Just by Staring at Your Phone Too Much

Smartphones have become so dear to all today that it often feels more like a part of your body than an advanced machine.  Think about it: how many other generations can boast that they had a phone, camera, all their social and professional networks, a customized organizer and loads more in the palm of their hand except ours? However, like all good things your smartphones have curses too. Here are four, expert-proposed, health effects that spending too much time staring at your smartphones can lead to and suggestions on how to avoid them.

4. Strained Vision

Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/161074124149989653/
Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/161074124149989653/

This is probably the most widely known harm that continuously using smartphones can cause. The Vision Council’s 2005 Digital Eye Strain Report said that 37% of millennials spend a minimum of 9 hours on a digital device each day. Most of these people (7 out of 10) report symptoms of digital eye strain like dry eyes, irritation, redness and even prolonged headaches, tiredness and deterioration of near-sight.

Tips to prevent vision deterioration from smartphone use include taking plenty of breaks between long hours of work on phones, avoiding phone use at bed times, not using phones to do long works that can be done on PCs and performing neck stretches couple of times a day.