10 Horrible Deaths While Taking Selfies

Taking ‘selfies’ and posting on social media to get some vain attention, has turned into a viral madness. A psychologist from Munich University said that the pictures themselves are nothing individualistic or insightful, but the locations that the kids choose to take pictures in is significant, the location choice clearly indicates that the kids love to play with danger. Some kids take selfies with this idea in their mind that “It would be the best selfie in the whole world, and I could enter it into a competition of some sort and win prizes and recognition”, the reason why the selfie attempts are becoming more and more extreme.

Hopefully the incidents shared below will invoke more caution among parents and young adults in educating their children and siblings regarding the limits using social media:

10. The man who shot himself

Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/297800594083589075/
Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/297800594083589075/

A young 21-year-old Mexican man Oscar Otero Aguilar lost his life while taking a selfie to show off his collection of fatal weapons. Reports say that while he was taking the snapshot, he was waving around a gun which he thought was not loaded and which he was using as a prop, and it accidentally got triggered and he was shot brutally. He died while he was being carried away to the hospital.