How Diet Soda Damages Your Body

We all know how sodas are filled with processed sugar and that they are bad for our health. Very bad, in fact. So what do you do? You have one of two options – either give up soda altogether or go for diet soda instead. Diet soda promises to satisfy the cravings for sodas with a lot less or even zero calories. However, are diet sodas really good for your health? Since they can’t use processed sugar, they use artificial sweeteners to give the diet sodas that sweet taste.

Studies have shown that artificial sweeteners can be detrimental to your health. Let us explore all the ways diet soda can damage your body:

5. Increased sweet cravings

Various studies have linked an increase in sweet-cravings to diet soda. One of the studies was published in 2019 in Pediatric Obesity. That increase in craving can actually make you gain weight because it can lead to consuming more calories than you are burning.