10 Ways to Start an Outdoor Biking Routine

Biking is so much fun once you get into it! It’s a great way to get out and exercise, not to mention an environmentally friendly way to travel and stay safe on the road. Once you get your biking routine down, you can bike every day and not get tired. There are plenty of bicycles for men that you can buy online to get started. There are even bicycles for tall riders and well as women’s bikes that you can buy. So you see: it really is that simple!


Make sure your bike fits you

Trying to ride a bike that isn’t set up properly is like taking two steps forward and one step back. Everybody is unique in terms of leg, arm and torso length, so finding a professional bike shop, where you can change the seat, frame and handlebar configurations so that the bike is suited to your body, is an incredibly worthwhile activity. Once your bike seats you perfectly, you won’t have any trouble going round and round!

Have carrying space

You may often need the capacity to carry enough loads for a journey or some sort of cycle tour. The easiest way to hold some kind of load on a bicycle is on the vehicle, not on you! A tiny backpack is perfect if you’re carrying anything incredibly light, but otherwise, it would be best to invest in some containers, a handlebar bag or a seat case.

Have the right kit

The right bicycle kit includes a helmet, knee pads and a case. Make sure you have these items on hand before you start riding!

Carry the tools

A set of Socket wrenches, a puncture patch kit, a tire lever, a new inner tube and a pump or air pump will sustain you on the lane. All you have to remember is how to repair the tire and fix the puncture, and you’re set up.

Stay hydrated

Whatever the environmental conditions, your requirements for fluids will increase dramatically as you ride. Losses from exhaled air and sweat will reduce your blood pressure, making your heart function even harder. When you feel thirsty, you’ll already be dehydrated, so try drinking small, frequent amounts of water or a sports energy drink all the way.

Make some friends

Cycling alone is no fun and if you want to get into a biking routine, you should have some friends do it with you! That way, you’ll always have someone to talk to when you bike down the path.

Join a specialized group

There’s plenty to say about having the intrinsic drive to ride on a daily basis, but also a little constructive social support goes a long way. Cycling is both an individual and a community sport so find your special community!

Treat yourself to long bike rides

Your first long ride will be the base of all your biking practice. Ideally, take a long trip a week or a month. The long ride will develop your stamina and make you more energy efficient.

Find your style

If you invest greater and greater time on the road, you can learn more about your personal driving style and interests. You may love to ride co-competitively with a group, or you like to go on solo journeys. Whatever your style, it’ll help when you want to make your new routine!

Just have fun!

You won’t enjoy something you don’t…enjoy! So make up your mind to have fun on all of your journeys and you’ll look forward to all your rides automatically.