5 Insane Things Hiding Just Outside Of Human Perception

There are few strange things humans are capable of doing or seeing or hearing which we are not aware of, here are 5 Insane Things Hiding Just Outside Of Human Perception

5. You Can Hear Creepy Noises from Space (With the Right Gear)

Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/422634746256955530/
Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/422634746256955530/

Have you ever wondered why you can’t hear outer space? Well, it’s because to pick up sound your ears need air. If you could then imagine the bizarre noises you would get to hear. A probe was launched by NASA in 2012, which captured recordings of the audible range radio waves emitted by plasma waves in the Earth’s magnetosphere. It had recordings of five different noises called ‘Chorus’.

You need to be an amateur radio receiver or have insomnia or the willingness to have the social life spending time on radio spying. A joint project between NASA, Italian Space Agency, and the European Space Agency called Cassini that started recording Saturn’s radio emissions back in 2002 being 234 million miles away from the planet. The noises recorded are Saturn kilometric radiation which are basically radio emissions which generated along with the planet’s Northern and Southern auroras. Earth’s freaky space song isn’t nearly as creepy as the eerie tune blasting from the rings of Saturn.

What’s more fascinating is that even after 13.8 billion years the Big Bang’s echoes are still cascading across the universe.