8 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Job

In modern times, people spend 80% of their waking hours at their workplace. However, it is very important that all your time is not wasted contemplating what to do next, how to survive, and stress yourself out. It can be scary to think about leaving a job where you know so many people; you know how to do your job. It’s tough to step out of that comfortable bubble. But if you think your job is not the right place for you, it’s time to take the leap of faith and walk out.

8. Your Company Isn’t Doing Well


In this time of recession, lots of companies are not doing quite so well in the market and your company might be one of them. Even the most successful companies can disappear in a few years. Some obvious symptoms will help you to realize when it is the right time to search for a new job such as reduction of benefits and bonuses, layoffs, and high turnover in corporate.